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    Got DR Issues? Check out the new Disaster Recovery Special Interest Group

    The SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee (DPCO) would like to announce the creation of a new, Special Interest Group focusing on Data Replication for Disaster Recovery (DR) Standards. The mission of this SIG is focused on investigating existing ISO standards, carrying out surveys, and studying current guidance in order to identify if there is a need to improve the interoperability and resiliency, and/or education and best practices in the area of data replication for disaster recovery.

    Why are we doing this? There have been a number of industry observations that customers either don’t know about standards that exist, cannot implement them or have other needs relating to DR that warrant exploration. The aim of this group is not to reinvent the wheel but examine what is out there, what can be used by customers and find out whether they are using appropriate standards, and if not why.

    What are we doing? We are starting with a survey to be sent out to as many industry members as possible. The survey will examine replication DR needs that customers have, systems that they have implemented and questions about their knowledge regarding standards and other issues encountered in designing and operating DR, particularly in multi-site, multi-vendor environments.

    What can you do? Get involved, of course! Contact the SNIA DPCO team to indicate your interest as we implement the organization structure for the Data Replication for DR Standards SIG.

    John Olson and Gene Nagle

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